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Body Stress Release 


What is it?


Body Stress Release is a complementary health technique that offers a gentle and effective way to assist your body in the release of stored tension from the muscles.

Working with your body's innate, natural desire to be tension free, body stress release applies gentle and precise pressure to the targeted area, releasing the stored tension and relaxing the muscle(s).

In response to the stresses of daily life, our bodies adapt in attempt to cope with the added pressure. The stress overload results in a buildup of tension in the muscles, which in turn places additional pressure on your nerves, often leading to aches, pain and general discomfort. Body stress relieves this discomfort by evacuating the muscle tension.

Why is it necessary?

The body's natural ability to maintain health depends on the coordination of all its functions, which is controlled by the brain and nervous system. If there is tension locked into the physical structures (i.e the muscles), the irritation to the nervous system undermines the body's ability to function, hampering its efficiency. Therefore, to optimise body function, our bodies must be kept free of stored stress.

How does it work?

While the patient lies fully clothed on the treatment bed, the body stress release practitioner tests the patient's body for stored tension. Once the target areas have been identified, the practitioner will apply gentle and precise pressure to the affected area, which will encourage the body to release stored tension.


Responses to the treatment are often rapid, but in some cases additional treatments may be required depending on how long the tension has been stored in the muscles. 

To ensure optimal treatment, body stress release is completed in a stepwise process. Your practitioner will book three initial appointments for you over a period of two weeks, and thereafter, it is advisable to have a follow-up appointment as recommended by the practitioner.