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Clinical Psychologist

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BA (UJ), BA Hons (Unisa) |
MA Clinical Psychology (Wits)

Martin is a caring, gentle and passionate individual who has a deep and genuine care for his patients. He uses a variety of modalities that he feels are best suited to his patient’s needs. Martin generally approaches a patient’s mental health concerns from a psychodynamic perspective, to understand underlying difficulties and unconscious content and to alleviate these negative processes. He addresses emotional reactions and maladaptive patterns of living, both personally and interpersonally. He also combines skills using CBT and positive psychology.


During his career, he has worked in private practice, been a lecturer of psychology models and conducted neuropsychological assessments. He has been exposed to work in psychiatric units as well as community clinics.


Martin has a special focus on anxiety and depression but notes that “life happens” and stress and adjustment challenges impact a person’s functionality. His motto is “I want you to live your best life and the new best version of you!”

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