The Skin Boutique


The Skin Boutique is a luxurious skincare salon run by qualified skincare therapist, Kathy Ormerod, that specialises in Environ® and Dermapen® skin-care treatments aimed at revitalising the skin.


The Skin Boutique offers the complete range of Environ's signature facial treatments as well as five unique skin-care treatments that utilize the Environ DFII machine, which ensures maximum penetration of Environ's vitamin products into the skin. The Skin Boutique also offers two speciality hands-on therapy facials, as well as a series of Environ Cool Peel Treatments in winter. 


The pricelist of The Skin Boutique's Environ treatments can be found here.


Another specialist treatment offered by The Skin Boutique is the Dermapen treatment, which stimulates skin rejuvenation through medical needling. The Dermapen treatment is combined with the Environ DFII machine to maximise the absorption of essential vitamins and nutrients into the newly formed collagen and elastin in the skin cells, ensuring optimal functionality and appearance. Using the complementary Dermapen and Environ treatments in tandem produces highly effective skin revival results. 


The pricelist of The Skincare Boutique's Dermapen treatments can be found here.

The Skin Boutique is also an authorised stockist of Environ Skincare and Heliocare products. The pricelist of these products can be found here



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