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Our MediSpa

Founded in 2007 by Elise Beeby as a haven of health and well-being, Blouberg MediSpa has grown from strength to strength since its opening, blossoming into West Beach's best beauty and healthcare establishment.


Boasting a well-trained and experienced team of healthcare and beauty experts, Blouberg MediSpa offers a range of specialist services for every need. Our team of certified professionals include a physiotherapist, a body stress release therapist, a clinical psychologist, a general practitioner, a weight loss specialist, a skincare specialist, two nurses and two aestheticians who are dedicated to helping you attain your maximum level of health, happiness and self-confidence. 

At Blouberg MediSpa, the setting is serene and the service is superlative. Each treatment at Blouberg MediSpa is tailored to your specific needs, and is delivered with a personal touch, ensuring that your experience at Blouberg MediSpa leaves you feeling relaxed and revitalised. 

A holistic approach to rejuvenation of

the mind, body and soul...

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